Ceremony Goods

Do you use a tea service set
and the kimono
which are traditional culture
in Japan as interior
and an ornament in life ?

The historical tea service set or kimono which were inherited for some time for several hundred years have overwhelming presence.

Yui Yoshinaga

Born to Kure city, Hiroshima, Japan
The CEO of Tagashira Green Tea Co.,Ltd , 田頭茶舗(Tagashira Chaho) operated by the Imagefarm Co.,Ltd.
The associate professor of Urasenke  ( the one of main schools of Japanese tea ceremony)


The 3rd generation president of Tagashira Green Tea Co.,Ltd.
This is the long established Japanese green tea shop in business for 90 years in Kure city, known for the city of Japanese navy.

About 11 years ago, Yui took over her family business on the edge of bankruptcy, then started to develop Japanese green tea products a lot like the premium tea bags with the first picked leaves and sell them to supermarket.

From 8 years ago, She started to open the Japanese green tea café “田頭茶舗 Tagashirachaho”.
Presently she opens 13 cafes in mainly west of japan, and other than these, runs the shops of Japanese confection and tea ware for tea ceremony, export to ICHIDO in Shanghai and restaurants in America too.

Based on 医食同源(means that eating healthy prevents and cures disease), Yui diligently works on developing healthy and body-friendly confections, meals, and drinks that blend matcha, roasted green tea with Japanese super foods like bamboo charcoal, konjac, tofu, rice flour.
And she’s been focusing on the spread of Japanese green tea and Japanese culture through the tea ceremony and workshop.

Yui Yoshinaga